OJI ABBOTT award winning chef

oji abbott


Oji Abbott, a native Washingtonian, is Executive Chef/Owner of Oohh’s & Aahh’s Restaurant and has operated his small business since 2003. He has over eleven years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience.




 With these qualities, he exemplifies the leadership abilities and professionalism, indicated by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement.

In 2005 and 2006, he represented Oohh’s & Aahh’s at the “Food for your Health” Expo sponsored by NBC TV 4. The restaurant also hosted an exhibit at the Bloomingdale’s Black History Month Expo in February 2009. Most recently, the restaurant was featured on the Food Network Cable show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”, hosted by Chef Guy Fieri, which is broadcast world-wide (July 2011).

Mr. Abbott matriculated at Stratford University, School for Culinary Arts. His areas of expertise include Executive Chef designation and Executive/Sous-Chef experience with million-dollar upscale establishments. Mr. Abbott’s specialization is soul food and continental fine-dining cuisines and is deemed a trusted authority.



Mr. Abbott has successful catering experience with various events for local and federal government agencies, and corporate/private industry. He also has the knowledge and ability in maximizing kitchen productivity and staff performance, enhancing the quality of service.

As the owner and operator, Mr. Abbott has hired, trained and directed eight line cooks and other restaurant staff. He has been successful in planning the menu, assuring quality control and achieving a minimal amount of waste. Although Oohh’s & Aahh’s is well known in the Metropolitan Washington area, it is also patronized by satisfied tourist and visitors throughout the United States.

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